About Tanzanian Elephant Foundation

camera trap study

We conduct scientific research on elephant ecology in aspects of demography, behaviour, tusklessness, movement patterns and distribution and apply them to deduce solutions on long-term challenges of conservation across its ranges

TEF works with a range of partners and supports the efforts made by the government of Tanzania towards elephant conservation. 

To accomplish our objectives, we collaborate with partners such as Tanznaian National Parks (TANAPA), Tanzania  Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), National Elephant Management Plans in Tanzania  and others to support efforts made by government of Tanzania towards elephant conservation.

Community-led conservation

To promote human-elephant coexistence we conduct research on human-elephant conflict incidences, develop and support community-led projects that reduce crop losses from elephants while also increase and diversify community incomes.

Conservation education

We also provide conservation education and outreach programs to communities living adjacent to Protected Areas with the aim of increasing commitment through positive attitudes toward elephant conservation. As mentors and enthusiasts of future conservation ambassadors, we also host students, researchers and conservationists who are interested to do elephant research in Tanzania.