Decline in Elephant numbers

The population of African savannah elephants are threatened by poaching for ivory, human-elephant conflict and habitat loss.  According to the African Elephant Status Report, (2007-2016), there has been a decline of approximately 104,000-114,000 elephants in Africa. Therefore, it is important to understand the impact behind these decline while monitoring their demography, behavior, tusklessness, habitat use, movement patterns and distribution.

Human Wildlife Conflict

Recognizing that human-wildlife conflict is a significant threat facing the African elephant, TEF facilitate the peaceful co-existence between the communities and elephants. TEF guides the local communities to use non-lethal methods to reduce conflicts with elephants, reduce crop losses and diversify local economic livelihoods – a win-win solution for both the community by reducing crop-losses and conserving biodiversity.

Need for increased Commitment

There are few opportunities to rural people living adjacent to Protected Areas to visit Protected Areas. It is important for communities living adjacent to Protected Areas to visit Protected Areas to learn and experience elephants and other wildlife. This increase commitment and positive views of wildlife and conservation.


Our vision is to be the premier elephant conservation organization in Tanzania and a thought leader and model practitioner in human-elephant co-existence in Africa.


Conservation of African elephants through scientific research, community empowerment, public awareness and promotion of co-existence between people and elephants in Tanzania.


Our approach

  • Farm protection with beehive fencing project with registered farmers groups to reduce elephant crop-raiding.
  • Scientifically understand ecological impact behind elephant population decline, hence we conduct researches.
  • Increased knowledge on wildlife conservation especially for the communities living adjacent to Protected Areas, hence we provide education and outreach programs.

Community engagement and empowerment

Beneficiaries and sustainability of our projects

  • Farm protection with beehive fencing project with registered farmers groups to reduce elephant crop-raiding and benefit from additional income generated from honey.
  • Beekeeping through training of registered farmers groups and link them with profitable honey market.
  • Facilitating formation and running of community banks with registered farmers groups through Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLAs)
  • Professional training and consultation with registered farmers groups on project management and entrepreneurship skills.


You too can make an impact!

  • Donate the much needed funds to support our projects
  • You can volunteer to work with us
  • Partner with us in our projects